by Anonymous

It’s like a switch flipped.

I was fine yesterday and then I woke up and all of the beauty of the world has vanished.

My night was riddled with early waking at 3am/4am/424am, nightmares, racing and intrusive thoughts. It’s like a demon possessed me and wouldn’t let go until sunrise.

My day is filled with irritability, anxiety, panic, uncontrollable crying, RAGE, anger that boils and manifests in hand wringing, punching walls and screaming until I’m seeing fuzzy little stars.

I have a strong desire to escape…to run away from this family…to hide away from everyone if it will help me escape this pain.

And then like a cloud passes over the sun, I am me again.

Published by Anna

A 30 something mom struggling with PMDD and looking for answers, treatments and solutions.

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